Speedwell Brethren in Christ

As we processed the construction of our Sanctuary/Gathering Space with contractor, Arthur Funk & Sons, and Schillaci Architects, it was clear early on that the most practical building solution for our needs was a pre-engineered steel building. The simple lines exterior allowed for quick assembly while still allowing for flexibility of interior and exterior finishes for aesthetic appeal.  The structure span allowed us to maximize our interior open space without the need for exposed supporting columns. We are very pleased with the finished product.  
Tim Buch,
Speedwell BIC

Living Hope Church

Previous work in the construction industry played a valuable role in this project.  We knew that Varco-Pruden was considered a top notch product so we were very comfortable selecting them.  Our church was interested in a relatively simple design because complex buildings can have complex problems after construction is completed.  Our building hasn’t had any issues and we are thrilled with the energy costs because the savings have exceeded our expectations.  Combine these factors with the experience and knowledge of the Funk Construction team, and the sterling reputation they enjoy, and we can say we had a very successful building project and more than that, a beautiful place to gather and worship.
Ken Mellinger, Building Committee Chair,
Living Hope Church

Elizabethtown Brethren In Christ Church

 Arthur Funk & Sons’ expertise in construction was instrumental in the success of our sanctuary expansion project.  As we worked through the design-build process with Funk and our architectural firm, Cornerstone Design-Architects, Funk presented a cost-savings option to utilize a pre-engineered steel system instead of conventional framing.  We were able to meet all of our project requirements and objectives with the steel system, which helped us get our project within budget so that we could move forward.  We are extremely pleased with the finished product thanks to Arthur Funk & Sons and an excellent team effort.
Wayne Heisey, Chair Church Board,
Elizabethtown Brethren In Christ Church

Holy Infant Parish

Thank you for the excellent job you did for us. It has been over four years of cooperation through a design-build process to arrive at this point with a beautiful outcome. Our working relationship well accomplished our goals including a timely and within budget outcome. This project allows our parish to thrive and expand. . . you will be back to construct a future addition.
Rev. Mark E. Weiss, Pastor,
Holy Infant Parish

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church

The level of commitment your team provided with our building committees and professionalism with the architect and engineering team in unsurpassed. Working together allowed us to meet our goals as well as our project budget. The end result is a beautiful church that accommodates our growing congregation, providing better accessibility, acoustics, and upgraded network systems. The church is only enhanced by the inclusion of our most coveted building items, including our stained glass windows and arch wood doors, salvaged from the old church.
Rev. Rodrigo A. Arrazola,
Sacred Heart of Jesus

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