“Safety is our #1 priority.”  Bob Funk, PE, LEED AP, President, Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc.

Since 1939, Funk Construction, a third generation family-owned company, has made family an integral component of safety. One only needs see the long-standing employment durations of our personnel to realize that they truly are part of our family.  We focus on implementation of the HOW’S and the WHY’S of safe practices – for the job sites and in our homes.

  • Weekly Safety Notices and Updates
  • Comprehensive Employee Safety and Policy Handbook
  • Targeted On-Going Training Programs to ensure OSHA Compliance
  • Tool Box Talks
  • Job Hazard Analysis/Job Safety Analysis
  • Corrective Actions Program
  • Customer-Specific Training Programs

Safety: The Funk Pennsylvania State Certified Safety Committee

Funk Construction’s Safety Committee is certified with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The purpose of our Safety Committee is to bring field personnel and managers together to develop and maintain a system that promotes a safe and healthful workplace. Everyone – all stakeholders – are committed to achieving that goal.

  • The Committee is comprised of management leaders and field employees representing all facets of the company.
  • Committee members meet monthly, establish meeting agendas, maintain attendance lists and issue meeting minutes.
  • All Committee members are trained by an individual sanctioned in industry standard “Safety Committee protocols” including the latest personal protective equipment upgrades, hazard inspection, accident investigation and miscellaneous incident reports.

Safety: Industry Recognition

Funk Construction has received numerous industry-issued construction safety awards and certificates while also earning distinct standing in keeping Worker’s Compensation claims at industry lows.

  • Loss prevention and control achievement levels are among the best.
  • Comprehensive Employee Safety and Policy Handbook.
  • A decade of Safety Committee Certifications from the PA State Department of Labor.
  • “Silver Safety Awards” from the Associated Builders and Contractors (“ABC”) for consecutive years from 2012 through 2015.
  • The company Experience Modification Rate (“EMR” shows a 3-year period of accident claim costs and is a major factor in determining the Worker’s Compensation premium calculation) has remained below 1.00 since 2001. In the construction industry – as well as in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical/hospital industries, among others – it is considered paramount that firms maintain their EMR’s at or below the 1.00 calculation, often as a contractual prerequisite. As a result, the associated premium cost remains well-controlled. This success is directly attributed to the company commitment to safety.



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